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, Yeah they were cool! Warmer seasons offer some spectacular options for avid hikers! Nowadays, the main source of income is tourism. The rustic Alfa Cafe is an interesting place to taste some local specialities like their waffles and fish soup. There is no need to have 4WD in the summer. Carefully designated boardwalks in Hafnarholmi Marina (often nicknamed Puffin Marina) and the location are perfect for birdwatching. Sign up for our newsletter! Home of 100 people and 1000 elves. Its actually such a big deal over here that we tend to refer to it exclusively as The South Coast. Do you want to know more about this subject? The Blue church was open for visitors when we arrived, but we learned it was closed for most of the morning. Seydisfjordur, Iceland. One of Iceland's existing law even protects birds during the breeding season, because they were in the past hunted for eggs and meat. Tours: Although we love to travel independently, some places are better to visit with a guided tour. In Seyisfjrur you will find hostels, hotels, guesthouses as well as a camping ground and caravan site. Large puffin colonies on the island of Hafnarhlmi, and the chance to get up-close-and-personal with the birds. A great option is the stunning Innra-Hvannagil gorge, unique due to its rhyolite colours. We left the car there and covered the rest of the distance on foot. Somewhere skies are blue and the dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.. This is one of the best places to view the Puffins and there are several platforms and stairs which allow you to climb the small hill and get close to the Puffins and their burrows. Sklanes is accessible only by foot, jeep or by mountain bike, because there are rivers to cross to reach the research and information centre at the very heart of the park. At ground floor a delicious bistro, serving international dishes like pizza and soups reinvented with local ingredients like blueberries and reindeer's meat. Atlantic puffins are famously monogamous. We saw the poster advertising this bus route in the campground we stayed in, but it is better to ask to know the exact departure times. Connected by one mountain road, Seydisfjordur is a remote treasure. Upon arriving in Egilsstair, I am greeted by Magnfrur lf Ptursdttir, better known as Magga, who promises to take me on a tour to discover elves, puffins and perhaps even some reindeer that are hiding in the area. Explore the scenic surroundings of the mystical Lake Lagarfljot serene forests, panoramic views, offbeat waterfalls and more! culture, heritage and hospitality in East Iceland. Seydisfjordur indeed needs protection as avalanches often occur, especially in winter and spring. Today, the town continues to live off fishing, tourism and handicrafts, having been established as one of the main stops on cruises around Iceland. Our good weather streak was looking like it might end this morning when I checked out the forecast on my phone. Welcome to Borgarfjrur eystri. On the other side is the harbor, and when you continue straight, you'll get to a viewing platform with another view of a cliff and hundreds of birds flying around. About 10,000 pairs of puffins nest every summer in Borgarfjrur. Seydisfjordur is a great place to explore the natural beauty of Iceland and experience the unique culture of the region. We would return here later for lunch after viewing the Puffins. Seydisfjordur is also home to an annual culture festival called LungA, which takes place every July. $ In 2017 there were 3000 people for the final night, with groups of friends travelling from Reykjavik to enjoy music and dancing under the bright clear sky of the Icelandic midnight sun. Let us know! There are several places in Iceland to see puffins, we saw three of them, includingDyrholaey PeninsulaandLatrabjarg, but Borgarfjordur, specifically Hafnarholmi Marina, was undoubtedly the best. For a bargain go there for lunch. It does not mean you won't see a single bird when you arrive outside these time frames. Without any further ado, here's our pick of activities and things to see and do in Seydisfjordur. Graves dating back as early as the the 8th century have been discovered in the area and also the burnt ruins of a staf church built in the 10th century. So when planning your trip and creating your perfect Iceland itinerary, you must solve a dilemma. * Westman Islands Puffin Tours In Seydisfjordur Iceland. Our bus was a 20-passenger minibus. The weather made Seyisfjrur an eerie place, almost as if something from a horror movie. Adult from: $ 449.00 USD; The apartments at top floor are for artists in residency. Do you have a question or want something customised? Spend a day exploring the stunning southern coastline of Iceland on our South Coast Tour from Reykjavik. Well, if we had to make our pick, it would be detouring to the fjord towns of Seydisfjordur and Borgarfjordur Eystri in the north east corner of the country. Tvisongur is on the mountainside in front of the old fish factory on Hafnargata, where there are clear signs showing the direction. * South Coast Borgarfjrur eystri - CAPITAL of the Puffins Puffin Paradise Borgarfjordur Eystri is one of the best places in the world to see Puffins. The town of Egilsstadir was on the way, and we spent about 15 minutes driving thru with our driver providing some commentary. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. And I can only praise the grilled cod, stuffed aubergine and the tuscan-style basket of bread served with herbs and olive oil. 13 Day Cruises from 18,478.89 per adult Idfjoll Raid Adventure Tours from 1,66,310.00 per adult The view of Seyisfjrur as you are driving down the road from Egilsstair is definitely unforgettable. Eventually, we decided to give it a go, and it turned out to be a great decision. When you see a 90% chance of rain all day, it usually doesnt bode well for a nice day. While plenty of puffins will be super close, you might still consider bringing binoculars to observe their hunting habits, if you're not a photo enthusiast. The Blue Church was actually moved several times, from Dvergasteinn farm to the hill overlooking Vestdalseyri, and many times was damaged or destroyed by fire, before finding its final home in 1920. Located in Vatnajkull National Park, Dettifoss is one of the largest waterfalls in Iceland. Another great alternative is Viator. Promise! We wanted to drive to Bakkageri, to see wild puffins. Singer Jamila was the featured entertainer on the World Stage. Explore the area from above, discover new destinations and hikes. There is a free parking at Borgarfjordur Eystri right next to the harbor where you can leave your car and walk a few hundred meters to the nesting site. There are also other Art Galleries in town for local talents, and my favourite is Galler Vigds. Skaftfell Art Centre is an institution, not only for Seydisfjordur but for whole Iceland. Inglfshfi South of rfajkull glacier, Reynisfjall near Vk Mrdal, and Dyrhlaey (also en route to Vk) are puffin colonies on the South Coast. There are many trails on both sides of the fjord. Several of the foot-high birds stood guard, turning their distinctive red, cream and black beaks to inspect everything that moved. The way there was route 94, a long, gravelly, spine-shaking off road highway. Have you had an experience related to the contents of this article? Due to the boardwalk, capturing puffins is very easy as you will get as close to them as possible. I drove with headlights and hazard lights. Similar to the road toSeydisfjordur, the route to Borgarfjordur is so scenic that we recommend you drive it even outside the birdwatching season. A beautiful birdFew places on Planet Earth offer better opportunities to lay eyes on puffins than Iceland, the home to nearly half of the worlds puffin population. As the name suggests, it is located in an old hospital building. Seyisfjrur was used as a base for British/American forces during World War II and remnants of this activity are visible throughout the fjord, including a landing strip no longer in use and an oil tanker SS El Grillo that was bombed and sunk. 88 13 Day Cruises from $224.01 per adult Vk Baths admission 129 from $47.04 per adult Full Day Stulagil Canyon and Vk Baths Guided Tour 3 Full-day Tours from $162.00 per adult World Nomads Travel Insurance has been designed by travelers for travelers to cover your trip essentials. At the southern end of the fjord, 17km from Seyisfjrur, flourishes the natural reserve of Sklanes. You will find it behind the Blue Church mentioned in an above section, and with the outside walls painted with cartoons you cannot miss it! Only a short boat-ride from the city center. It is paved andsuitable for any type of vehicle. Seyisfjrur, on the far east coast of Iceland, was a ghost town. The total population is around 14 million, and the largest colony lives on Iceland's Westman Island. The hill is believed be the home of the Elf Queen and she enjoys panoramic views over the town and fjord. It's also possible to go fishing, and outside town Hagavollur is a nine-hole golf course with a club house, where you can hire equipment. Its goal is to nurture and exhibit visual art, the main emphasis being on contemporary art. A flight of wooden stairs led us uphill, and already here, we could see the first puffins sitting in the grass in front of their burrows. The Bjargtangar part of Ltrabjarg is often called the westernmost point if you skip the mid-Atlantic archipelago of Azores. Spending 10 hrs of quality time in Seydisfjordur is extremely difficult , Maybe one of reasons tour prices are so high- they have a captive audience. 100% refund if your ship does not dock haha. Sometimes forgetting that many countries do in fact also have their own south coasts. While puffins look like miniature versions of penguins with colorful beaks, the sound they make doesn't resemble any other animal. Here you can find links to all the travel resources we use and which you might find helpful when planning your next holiday. Since we are not that active on social media, this was not the reason to put the town on our list. Gufufoss Waterfall was our final stop and we spent about 10 minutes here before moving on. The goal is to climb, in 24 hours, all the seven mountains surrounding the town and fjord. Seydisfjordur is a very small village, so you'll need approximately thirty to sixty minutes to walk around the tourist area. * Borgarfjrur Eystri, East Iceland There are three ways to get to Seydisfjordur. Unless you arrive and leave the town by boat, you will need to tackle the wonderful stretch of the road between Egilsstadir and Seydisfjordur by car. This hotel is modernly decorated and offers everything you will need after a long and tiring day on the road. . Hard 4 (12) Seyisfjrur, Eastern, Iceland. We passed through it, just a few seconds of whiteness, and then we commenced the mountain climb. LaidBackTrip 2018-2023. If you answered that these were all highlights of the east of Iceland then you would be right! Once you reach the pass, there is a new viewing platform where you can take a break. Viking was moored alongside the cruise terminal, and she had her own tour buses meeting her passengers. We never leave our home without travel insurance which is designed to help cover our expenses if something goes wrong during the trip. A staircase beside the bar leads to first floor, where there the Art Gallery is located. It remains a divers' wreck at the bottom of the fjord. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. The road to see the puffin colonies on the east coast of Iceland is a winding mountain drive. Once you're there, you are likely to need to get on a boat to get close to the birds, but if observing from far is your thing, the numbers of puffin will work in your favour. Young students from different countries arrive in town to live together for 12 weeks, developing art projects and learning new skills. So visiting it does not require any effort. It is also one of the reasons why the village sits only on one side of the fjord. At the end of the day, you might even realize that you actually did not see and do much here. The sun dips behind the clouds as I head back south to Egilsstadir and then east to camp in Seydisfjordur. EXPLORE OUR WONDERFUL HIKING TRAILS. $ Join our weekly hand curated newsletter to have all the latest news from Iceland sent to you. You need 4 x 100 ISK in coins to take a shower, but a lady at the front desk offered us change automatically. Enjoy a relaxing visit to the natural hot springs, known as the Secret Lagoon after seeing some of Icelands most famous sights. The village is also home to a variety of wildlife, including seals, whales, and puffins. As Egilsstadir is Iceland's transport hub, you should not have a problem getting to your next destination from here. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with the absolute best RIB-safari tour in Iceland! Yes, visiting Seydisfjordur is a detour off the Ring Road. The southern coast of Iceland is by far one of the most popular destinations that Iceland has to offer. We prefer GetYourGuide for its easy-to-use interface and solid reputation. It's unmarked and tiny (it's just a pull-off area), and we have to admit that we missed it on the way down. All around there are sightseeing points to observe the birds and wildlife. Their nachos with fresh creamy local cheese are tasty and perfect. We recommend a boat trip from town Stykkishlmur to islands rishlmur and Steinaklettar. She also shared a little bad news and said that all the Puffins were gone as they tend to migrate in mid-August. Receive travel guides, stories, tips and photos to inspire your wanderlust and save money while on the road! History of Seydisfjordur What makes the puffin special is the colourful, flat-sided beak. 89 helpful votes. stma baseball apparel, the weeknd after hours tour setlist,

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